BRICE MENSAH - Top Styl Designer 2009 - Profile

Brice MensahMake of BRICE MENSAH represents a new concept of luxury. Elegant and uncomplicated silhouettes, simple but also refined cuts, overindulging materials, all of these are characteristic features of production behind which stands a high proportion of manual work and associated limited offer. Unique design combined with high quality materials and excellent execution results in the emphasis on a mature but also youthful spirit of feminity.

BRICE MENSAH provides a woman with clothes regardless of age and nationality. The only measure is the sense of personality and its forces. The ability to appreciate the style, quality and understanding of fashion as understanding of own body in the context of lifestyle which she follows. A woman dressed in accordance with Brice Mensah style is exclusively voluptuous also thanks to the power of her charisma which allows her to take things easy and not always to become subject to conventions.

The collection bear unique manuscript of the designer who does not hide his admiration for the icons of fashion history - Madeleine Vionet and Madame Gres. Their heritage, as for its timelessness that is up-to-date at all times, means a great inspiration for his production. Natural form of material that is not distorted by violent cut interventions into its structure is the starting and also characteristic point of every enterprise of the author.

Brice Mensah studied and graduated at prestigious schools in Basel (University of Art and Design) and Prague (Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design Prague) and his works received a range of recognition among professionals.